Pictures of people from the 17th Annual Bigfoot Conference/Expo, held at Salt Fork State Park on May 7th, 2005

Richard Myers

Chuck Storrie (L) and Dave Bavery

Conference organizer Don Keating (L) and Ron Schaffner

Eric Altman

Jim Davis

Eric Altman (L) and Craig Woolheater

Matt Heston

Joedy Cook

Linda Wygle and Chuck Storrie

Dr. Paul Johnson

Veronica Burchette (L) and Peggy Sullivan

Phil Brocco

Bob Daigle

Ron Schaffner (center) talking with some of those in attendance

Rusty Pyles

Terry Jahn (L) and Don Keating

Tom Caleodis

Chuck Storrie (L), Don Keating and Ron Schaffner (R)

Bigfoot witnesses Mike and Lisa Neilsen (in yellow and red shirts, respectively). They had a sighting in August 2004 in Salt Fork State Park

Marc DeWerth (L) and Craig Woolheater

Ron Schaffner (L) talking to Dr. Paul Johnson

The view during one of the breaks in the conference

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