2015 Ohio Dominican University Birding Club/Union County Bird Club Owl Walk

By Blake Mathys

On November 14th, 2015, Dimi and I hosted Ohio Dominican's Birding Club and the Union County Bird Club (plus many others) for a hotdog roast and owl walk. Over 70 people participated in the walk(!), and we were able to see one Eastern Screech-Owl, two roosting Red-shouldered Hawks, six deer and two raccoons. I want to thank everyone who participated, and I especially want to thank my wife Dimi; she put in a huge amount of work on Saturday and Sunday, and I definitely couldn't have this event without her. It was a fun evening, and we plan to do it again next year!

The meal (photo by Blake Mathys)
Red-shouldered Hawk (photo by James Muller)
The group looking at the owl (photo by Blake Mathys)
Eastern Screech-Owl (photo by John Kuenzli)