2017 Ohio Dominican University Birding Club/Union County Bird Club Owl Walk

By Blake Mathys

On November 11th, 2017, Dimi and I hosted Ohio Dominican's Birding Club and the Union County Bird Club for a hotdog roast and owl walk. This was the fifth year we have done it. We had over 40 people participate this year, and we were able to see at least five individual owls of two species, and heard another species. We saw multiple Eastern Screech-Owls, saw one or two Barred Owls, and heard a distant Great Horned Owl. In addition, we saw multiple Raccoons, Eastern Cottontails, and a Striped Skunk. I want to thank everyone who brought food or otherwise contributed to the walk, especially my mother (Margo Mathys) and aunt (Linda Mathys) for providing additional refreshments in the middle and end of the walk. Thanks to Eric Matthews for once again serving as the official photographer and sharing the pictures below.

Around the campfire (photo by Eric Matthews)
Another view around the campfire (photo by Eric Matthews)
The first Eastern Screech-Owl that sat still long enough to be seen well (photo by Eric Matthews)
A friendly Raccoon (photo by Eric Matthews)
The first Barred Owl ever seen on one of our owl walks (photo by Eric Matthews)
A closer Raccoon (photo by Eric Matthews)
The second Barred Owl of the night (we think this was a different individual) (photo by Eric Matthews)
Another view of the second Barred Owl (photo by Eric Matthews)
The last owl of the evening, a walk-away Eastern Screech-Owl (photo by Eric Matthews)