2019 Ohio Dominican University Birding Club Owl Walk

By Blake Mathys

On October 19th, 2019, Dimi and I hosted Ohio Dominican's Birding Club for our annual hotdog roast and owl walk. This was the seventh year we have done it. We had around 30 people participate this year, and we saw at least two gray morph Eastern Screech-Owls, one brown morph Eastern Screech-Owl, two Barred Owls and heard a Great Horned Owl that didn't respond to our attempts to call it in. Thanks to the photographers for providing the photographs below (credits below each picture). If you participated and have any pictures that you would like to share, send them to me and I'll put them on this page.

Getting everything ready for the evening (photo by Blake Mathys)
Enjoying food and conversation around the campfire (photo by Dimitria Mathys)
The first Eastern Screech-Owl that we saw (photo by John Kuenzli)
Second Eastern Screech-Owl (photo by Eric Matthews)
A brown morph Eastern Screech-Owl (photo by Zebedee Muller)
Another view of a gray morph Eastern Screech-Owl (photo by Eric Matthews)
Another view of the brown Eastern Screech-Owl (photo by John Kuenzli)
One of two Barred Owls (photo by Eric Matthews)
Barred Owl (look at the talons!) (photo by Zebedee Muller)
Another view of the Barred Owl (photo by Zebedee Muller)