April 25th Salamandering

Dimi and I attended the Rutgers Vertebrate Zoology class field trip. We went to Hacklebarney State Park and a wildlife management area in Sussex County (the same one that I visited on March 24th). We had a successful day, the class found 10 species of salamanders. I am only counting species that I personally find, so the spectacular Marbled Salamander (see picture below) found by someone else isn't included in my big year count.

Long-tailed Salamander with two Redbacked Salamanders

Marbled Salamander

Jefferson Salamander

Northern Dusky Salamander

Slimy Salamander

Two-lined Salamander

Eft life stage of Red-spotted Newt

Long-tailed Salamander

Long-tailed Salamander with very bold black markings

Long-tailed Salamander

Slimy Salamander

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