By Blake Mathys

Blake Mathys hunting for Bigfoot in Coshocton County

Welcome. The idea of a large undiscovered primate occurring in North America is difficult to accept. I do not know if these creatures exist; I consider investigation into the matter to be a valid scientific undertaking. I've never seen one of these creatures, and will not be convinced of their existence unless I do. As you look through this site, I ask that you evaluate the evidence objectively. If you are already convinced that such a creature does or does not exist, this site will not change your mind. Please feel free to contact me at squatchunter@hotmail.com if you have any questions or comments.

Ron Schaffner's Creature Chronicles newsletters (pdf; no. 11-14 added) 5 July 2011

Field Report (with black bear scat pictures) from Vinton County, Ohio 25 August 2010

Usefulness and Interpretation of Visual Sasquatch Evidence added 13 July 2010

Pictures of attendees at March 2010 Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group Meeting added 26 May 2010

Six Rules of Bigfoot Research added 10 June 2007

People pictures from the mid 1990s UPDATED 24 September 2010

Donald Mathys' plaster cast of Bigfoot track found near West Mansfield, Ohio, in 1980. It is 17 inches long and 7.25 inches wide at the ball of the foot

Report on 1980 Central Ohio Sightings - posted 6/18/2006

Sightings and Investigations

1965 sighting near Bellefontaine, Ohio

1991 Logan County sighting

Field investigation in Coshocton County, January 15th, 2002. Pictures of trackway

Field report of activity in Clermont County, Ohio-- 3/15/02 ..includes link to witness' sketch of face

A few pictures from the 2005 Annual East Coast Bigfoot Conference in Jeannette, PA. Added Sept. 26th, 2005

Pictures from 17th Annual Bigfoot Conference/Expo, 2005 added May 18th, 2005

Pictures from International Sasquatch Symposium Trip 2001

Cryptozoology and Sasquatch links

A tirade in an attempt to improve Bigfoot research posted 9/27/05

Sasquatch Realizations - a short collection of thoughts

Pictures from some Bigfoot expeditions

More pictures, many from Ohio Bigfoot conferences

Even more pictures

Paper: "Analytical essay concerning the existence of Bigfoot"

Looking north over Wills Creek into Coshocton County from Muskingum County, just east of SR 83

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