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Report on N. Saw-whet Owl Banding - Updated 7/18/2023

Pictures from Ohio Dominican's 2023 Ichthyology Class - 7/15/2023

Pictures from summer ecology class - added 8/2/2022

Pictures from Barn Owl Banding - 5/25/2022

Southern Flying Squirrels - added 12/21/2021

Searching for mudpuppies in summer of 2021 - added 12/21/2021

Pictures from Ohio Dominican's 2021 Ichthyology Class - 6/19/2021

A nice collection of fish and birds from Ohio Dominican classes in April 2021 - 6/19/2021

Barn Owl found on our farm 5/17/2020

Pictures from the 2019 ODU Birding Club Owl Walk added 10/28/2019

Animal Pictures taken on Ohio Dominican's campus in Fall of 2019 updated 10/28/2019

Pictures from Ohio Dominican's 2019 Ichthyology Class - 6/18/2019

Pictures from the 2018 ODU Birding Club/Union County Bird Club Owl Walk

Pictures from the 2017 ODU Birding Club/Union County Bird Club Owl Walk

Pictures from Ohio Dominican's 2017 Ichthyology Class - 7/18/2017

Pictures from the 2016 ODU Birding Club/Union County Bird Club Owl Walk

Coyote Picture added to Property List - 10/29/2016

CV and Teaching Portfolio updated 10/18/2016

Ohio Young Birder Club Video added to home page - 9/15/2016

2015 Owl Walk Pictures added 11/17/2015

Fish/herp pictures from Environmental Science class on ODU's Campus - 9/23/2015

Pictures from Fall Bird Club Banding added 9/12/2015

Five-lined Skink Picture added to Property List - 9/6/2015

Pictures from Ohio Dominican's 2015 Ichthyology Class - updated 7/23/2015

Salamanders and such on our property - added 4/3/2015

Southern Flying Squirrel Picture added to Property List - 3/6/2015

Northern Shrike at Killdeer Plains - added 2/13/2015

Sandhill Cranes in Union County - added 12/11/2014

Barred Owl on ODU's Campus added 12/9/2014

Pictures from the ODU Birding Club/Union County Bird Club Owl Walk added 11/28/14

Dangers of Fishing Line - added 9/11/2014

Bird banding pictures - added 6/2/2014

Leucistic Rusty Blackbird Pictures added 3/13/2014

Union County Big Year - 2014

Curriculum Vitae (pdf) and Teaching Portfolio updated March 2014

Eastern Spiny Softshell along Alum Creek, south of Ohio Dominican's Campus added 4/19/2013

Black-footed Ferret Catching in Aubrey Valley, AZ added 4/19/2013

A few pictures (including Smallmouth Salamanders) from a short herping trip added 3/14/2012

Two new pictures (Eastern Pipistrelle and Western Chorus Frog) added to propertly list page added 3/8/2012

Vertebrate species list (and pictures) for Ohio Dominican University's campus updated 3/8/2012

Lapland Longspur pictures added 1/21/2012

American Golden-Plovers in Union County added 9/23/2011

General background information about Blake & Dimi's property added 9/1/2011

Fish pictures from Blake & Dimi's property (Union County, Ohio) added 7/18/2011

Birding report for Belleplain State Forest, NJ - added 5/1/2011

Link to my contributions to the ABA Blog added - 4/5/2011

Manasquan Inlet birding (includes Glaucous Gull pictures) April 9th - added 4/10/2011

New Wildlife Pictures added - 4/3/2011

Cape May County Marbled Salamander and Brigantine Short-Eared Owl pictures and report - added 2/26/2011

Brigantine and Barnegat Light birding trip photos and videos added 2/22/2011

October 9th Salamandering Report; Salamander Big Year Page Updated 12/11/2010

Common Ground-Dove in New Jersey! added 10/29/2010

Pictures (Henslow's Sparrow, leucistic Red-tailed Hawk, etc.) from Cape May added 10/31/2010

Piebald (mostly white) deer pictures added 10/24/2010

Ph.D. Dissertation added 9/23/2010

September 2nd Salamandering Report (with Marbled Salamanders) added 9/5/2010

A couple of bird pictures from Salem County, NJ added 8/8/2010

First Record for West Indies Aplomado Falcon Picture added 8/5/2010

Pictures of Charlie Kontos updated 8/3/2010

Random recent pictures (Scarlet Tanager, Bald Eagle, Ringneck Snake, Red Salamanders, etc.) updated 7/9/2010

Salamandering Trip Report from June 11th and 12th added 6/16/2010

San Diego Pelagic October 2008 Report (with pictures) added 5/29/2010

April 30th Salamandering Report added 5/28/2010

Salamandering trip report from May 27th (with Spring Salamander pictures!) added 5/27/2010

Yucatan and South Florida birding trip reports - added 5/25/2010

Yucatan pictures and South Florida pictures added 5/25/2010

Salamander trip report from April 25th, 2010 added 4/29/2010

Pictures of Great Horned Owl nest from Salem County, NJ added 4/17/2010

Salamander trip report from April 3rd, 2010 added 4/7/2010

Birding/herping report from Glassboro Woods added 4/7/2010

Salamander trip report from March 31st, 2010 added 4/1/2010

Salamander trip report from March 24th, 2010 added 3/25/2010

Salamander trip report from March 12th, 2010 added 3/14/2010

South Dakota birding trip report added 3/10/2010