Covered Bridge Yaks, LLC

Blake and Dimi Mathys

Phone: (937) 355-0454 (no calls after 9 p.m.)

Text: (937) 309-1839


We have raised yaks and yak-cross cattle on our 60-acre farm (in Union County, Ohio) since 2015. Our yaks receive a grass-only diet (hay in the winter, pasture in the summer), with an occasional treat of a little sweet feed to encourage them to enjoy being around people. Yaks are originally native to the mountains and plateaus of Asia, but the domesticated variety is raised in many locations throughout North America. Take a look at the International Yak Association's website to learn more about yaks in general, and they also have a specific page dedicated to yak meat.

We do not currently have any yak meat available for sale. We may have more in Fall of 2024.

  • Ground Yak (soldout) (in 1 pound packages). We offer a $1 per pound discount if you purchase 10 pounds or more.
  • We also have yak-cross steaks (soldout); we currently have T-Bone (soldout), Porterhouse (soldout), Ribeye (soldout), Club (soldout), and Sirloin (soldout) steaks.
  • Hearts (soldout), oxtail (soldout), tongues (soldout), and other odds and ends (soldout).

All meat is USDA-inspected for retail.

We previously had yak hides and skulls available, and may have such things available in the future.

Updated April 22, 2023