Salamanders of New Jersey

All of the following photographs were taken in New Jersey*. Salamanders are one of my favorite groups of organisms, as they are colorful, charismatic, and ubiquitous. However, they are virtually unknown to the general public, due to their nocturnal and fossorial habits. The best way to find salamanders is to flip over rocks and logs in wooded areas, especially (although not exclusively) near water. If you do look for salamanders, capture them after removing their hiding place and then replace the rock or log to its original position, letting the salamander go beside it, so they can easily crawl back underneath to safety. Salamanders do a lot of cutaneous respiration, so keep your hands moist while handling them, and avoid things like hand-sanitizers or lotions. Below I have links to species pages with multiple pictures. Click on the picture, and it will take you to the picture page for that species.

* = one picture (Redbacked Salamander) taken at Hawk Mountain, PA

I tried to see all of New Jersey's Salamanders in one year (2010). Take a look at my Salamander Big Year page for my results.


Mole Salamanders


Lungless Salamanders



Jefferson Salamander

Spring Salamander

Red-spotted Newt

Spotted Salamander

Two-lined Salamander

Blue-spotted Salamander

Red Salamander

Marbled Salamander

Redbacked Salamander

Slimy Salamander

Four-toed Salamander

Long-tailed Salamander

Northern Dusky Salamander