Salamander Big Year Counting Rules

In order to count a species or an individual for the year (see Salamander Big Year Page), I have to find and identify the salamander myself, and it has to be an adult. I will count it as long as I am involved in the finding (e.g., I'm flipping a log while someone else looks underneath it), but not if I just look at or identify a salamander that is found by someone else during a salamander hunt that I am involved in or leading (e.g., the two Red Salamanders found by Kenneth Elgersma on April 24th). I am also careful not to double-count individuals, and will only include a salamander in my count if I haven't been to the location in over two weeks or have good reason to believe it is different (e.g., size, coloration, or specific location disparities). These rules mean that my total salamander count (328 individuals as of April 29th) is conservative. In addition to the salamanders that I have found and are listed on my Big Year Page, I have seen 2 Spotted Salamanders, 2 Red Salamanders, 1 Marbled Salamander, 1 Jefferson Salamander, 1 Four-toed Salamander, 1 Long-tailed Salamander, 1 Northern Dusky Salamander, and many Two-lined and Red-backed Salamanders found by others (as of April 29th). In addition, I have seen quite a few larval Two-lined Salamanders, 1 larval Red Salamander, and 1 probable larval Marbled Salamander.

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