Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating Spring 2011

 11 704 323 02   51556       MATHYS Blake  
         ENROLL=   16       RESP=  11 (68%)     STRONGLY                    STRONGLY  # OF     MEAN    MEAN  MEAN   MEAN       
                                                DISAGREE        NEUTRAL       AGREE     NO      OF      OF    OF     OF      
PART A: UNIVERSITY-WIDE QUESTIONS:                   1      2      3      4     5   RESPONSES SECTION COURSE DEPT   LEVEL   

  1. The instructor was prepared for class and     
     presented the material in an organized manner   0      0      0      0    11       0      5.00    4.95  4.48   4.56
  2. The instructor responded effectively to       
     student comments and questions                  0      0      1      2     8       0      4.64    4.68  4.44   4.46
  3. The instructor generated interest in the      
     course material                                 0      0      0      0    11       0      5.00    4.95  4.47   4.50
  4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward 
     assisting all students in understanding       
     course material                                 0      0      0      1    10       0      4.91    4.86  4.53   4.62
  5. The instructor assigned grades fairly           0      0      0      2     9       0      4.82    4.77  4.34   4.30
  6. The instructional methods encouraged student  
     learning                                        0      0      0      0    11       0      5.00    4.86  4.28   4.37
  7. I learned a great deal in this course           0      0      0      1    10       0      4.91    4.95  4.29   4.30
  8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject  
     matter and wanted to take this course           0      1      3      3     4       0      3.91    3.77  3.95   4.03
                                                   POOR                     EXCELLENT
  9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the      
     instructor as                                   0      0      0      2     9       0      4.82    4.77  4.35   4.40
 10. I rate the overall quality of the course as     0      0      0      2     9       0      4.82    4.77  4.27   4.31

What do you like best about this course?:

This is the first course where the instructor was so completely in love with the subject matter that it began to spread to me.

The professor and the birds. Very helpful and very knowledgeble.

The instructor and the TA were absolutely fantastic. Their attitude towards the subject generated so much interest in the class. They were both knowledgeable and fun.

I enjoyed going on the field trips which actually let me try to identify birds on my own and also get to know bird songs. The lab that came with the course allowed me to be able to recognize a lot more birds that I did not know before. I thought the professor made lecture very interesting by incorporating movie clips and bird calls or songs into the lecture.

The field trips were the best thing that ever happened in any of my classes I ever took at Rutgers.

If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?:

The lab portion began with the idea that you already had a basic knowledge of birds. It should have laid out for you the process of beginning to identify birds.

Nothing, it was an amazing course. Oh, maybe make it more credits since it does take up alot of time.


Have more field trips!

The practicum has a heavy weight, I understnad that it may show what you have actually learned in the course, but i am simply not good at the types of things it is asking of me. i can memorize conepts, i can study, but i have a lot of trouble striaght memorizing specific details . I also wish we could have seen the birds more than once throughout the semester, maybe crammed more birds into each class period and spent less time on the each specific lab, but have gotten to see them more than once, i feel like that would have helped me solidify these real pictures in my brain (everything looks different in a text book) i also would have loved a practice practice, or a practical quiz worth only a small amount of our grade halfway through the semester.

In what ways, if any, has this course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?:

It completely changed the way I look at nature. Now I try to identify every bird I see just for the fun of it. I took this class for an ecology requirement but am now so interested that I want to do something related to this when I graduate.

Would have never learned about birds in such details. He really generated our interest.

I plan on going bird watching frequently and definitely want to keep studying this subject.

The course really gave me a better understanding on the differences and similiarities birds have to humans.

The field trips helped me link the contents of lecture and lab with real world. This encouraged me to know more about birds and really got me interested in it.

actually this class did encourage academic growth. I dont feel that way about a lot of classes here at rutgers but it did actually give me experience in a field i have never considered. I acutally learned things in this class that i may use later in life, rather than other classes where i memorize stuff only to never use it again.

Other comments or suggestions::

The basic details of field trips- quantity, time, etc should be clearly told when signing up for the class. Trips should start at 7:30 to avoid all the logistical problems caused by starting before buses are running.

Awesome professor, sucks that he is leaving.

I loved this course and would recommend to all my friends. Thank you Dr. Mathys!

i wish the course was scheduled a little differently. All the field trips took up a lot of mandontory time in addition to alotted course time. I would try to get that writting into the schedule, so students know what they are getting themselves into when they take the class. Each field trip took up 2 extra hours in addition to lab time, and the full day trip took up more.