Highlights of the 2005 trip to Venezuela

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Henri Pittier:

White-tipped Quetzal

Handsome Fruiteater

White Hawk

Long-tailed Sylph

Collared Trogon

Grey-necked Wood-Rail

Moustached Puffbird

Blue-capped Tanager

Tropical Parula

Blue Dacnis

Inca Jay

Three-striped Warbler

White-fringed Antwren

Tropical Gnatcatcher

Band-tailed Guan

Orange-crowned Oriole

Bay-headed Tanager

Orange-bellied Euphonia

Groove-billed Toucanet

Green Kingfisher

Amazon Kingfisher


Spot-breasted Woodpecker

Rufescent Tiger-Heron

Dwarf Cuckoo

Lineated Woodpecker

Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Greater Ani

Scarlet Ibis

Boat-billed Heron


Striped Cuckoo


Yellow-knobbed Curassow

Bat Falcon

Great Black-Hawk

Black-collared Hawk

Horned Screamer

Great Potoo

Common Potoo

Yellow-browed Sparrow

Lesser Kiskadee

Red-breasted Blackbird

Crane Hawk

King Vulture


Collared Inca

Booted Racket-tail

Masked Trogon

White-capped Dipper

Chestnut-bellied Thrush

Black-crested Warbler

Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle

Masked Flowerpiercer

Merida Flowerpiercer

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Lacrimose Mountain-Tanager

Sparkling Violetear

Emerald Toucanet

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