An interview was conducted with a couple who saw a Bigfoot in the mid-1960's (probably 1965). They were not quite sure about the date. They were driving, with their son (who was 4 or 5 at the time), on the west side of Bellefontaine, Ohio. As they were driving they came to a railroad crossing. The crossing was rough, so they slowed down. When they slowed down, the wife looked to the right, down the tracks. She saw a large creature walking towards them on the railroad tracks. She said, "Look at that!". Her husband then looked over and stopped the car. They watched it for a while, and the husband said, "That thing could crush this car", or something to that effect. Being concerned with the safety of themselves and especially their son, they left the area. The husband estimated the height at 6-6.5 feet. They both agreed that it had very long arms. The wife thought that the color was a bit darker than an orangutan.