Even more conference pictures, et cetera

Various people at a Bigfoot Conference (Chuck Storrie on far right, Bob Daigle far left, Tim Cassidy directly to the left of Chuck, Peggy Tillman and Ray Crowe in center).

More people (Joe Turner on the left (blue hat), Sylvan Regoli on right).

A view of some of the hills and valleys in Vinton County

Larry Battson speaking

More people (Mark Francis in hat, Sylvan Regoli talking to him, Jim Davis in red/white/blue shirt on far left).

Don Keating (L), Scott Herriott and Caleb Slemmons (R)

The sign for the "Monster Mart" in Fouke, Arkansas

Donald Mathys speaking at a Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group meeting

Daniel Perez (L), Tim Cassidy and Jim Donohoe (R) at Bigfoot conference

David Holt's hand


Thanks to Don Keating and Rich LaMonica for help with identification of people on this page