Vinton County, Ohio, 25 August 2010

Participants: Blake Mathys, Donald Mathys, Amber Mathys

We visited Vinton County just for some general hiking and exploration, as this is an area with many Bigfoot reports over the last 25 years. We used to regularly visit this area. Soon after entering the Experimental Forest, I (Blake) noticed a lot of butterflies fly up by the side of the road. I assumed that they had come from scat of some sort, so I turned the car around to investigate. We found the scat in the pictures below, and I would be very interested in hearing opinions about it. It was found on the edge of a gravel road (see pictures below), without any tracks associated with it. There appeared to be hair and vegetable materials, including what looked like a watermelon seed, in the scat. Email with comments.

UPDATE (added 9/23/2010): Based on feedback from many people and my own research, I believe the scat to be from a Black Bear (Ursus americanus). The shape and size seem to fit. I consulted Olaus Murie's Peterson Field Guide to Animal Tracks as well as examining pictures available on the internet.

The knife in these pictures is about 5.5" (14cm) long. The scat had a diameter of about 1.3-1.4" (3.3-3.5cm).

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