In September 2001, my uncle, Donald Mathys, and I (Blake Mathys) flew out to Washington State to attend the 8th Annual International Sasquatch Symposium, in Bellingham. Chuck Storrie and his wife Joan, also from Ohio, came out separately. We spent quite a bit of the trip with them. We were in the Pacific Northwest for one week (the end of September, beginning of October). The first 2 days we did some hiking, and the last 2 days we went up into British Columbia to visit John Green and do some exploring. These are the pictures from that trip.

I would like to thank everyone who helped us out and say that it was a pleasure to meet a lot of nice people. I would also like to commend Stephen Harvey for putting the symposium together.

Feel free to email me with any questions about the pictures

All descriptions are below the picture(s)

Blake Mathys in Washington State

Left: Donald Mathys and scenery Middle: Blake Mathys

Right: Scenery

These are all in Washington State

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