These pictures were taken at the Annual East Coast Bigfoot Conference held by the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society on September 24, 2005, in Jeannette, PA.

These pictures do not include many in attendance that were also at Don Keating's Ohio conference in May (see: pictures here). These include people like Eric Altman, Dr. Paul Johnson, Chuck Storrie, etc.

Thanks to Eric Altman and the entire PBS for putting on a good conference.

Bob Chance, one of the speakers

Bob France

Rick Fisher

Scott Herriott, one of the speakers

William Dranginis

Richard Noll (L) and Scott Herriott, speakers at the conference

Stan Gordon, the fourth conference speaker

A monkey (L) and bear skull from Don Mathys' display at the conference. Note how much more the bear's snout protrudes.


Created 9/26/05